30 Days for Peace

A challenge to bring Peace to the innermost parts of our lives and home.

My daughter loves to report to me exactly how many more days until Christmas. The stores are beginning to show signs of holiday shopping sprees. Our calendars are already being examined. The to do’s are coming in.

I feel like fall holds a tension of sorts. The temps get cooler (in most parts of the US), the leaves turn color, the sweaters come out, as do our favorite fall flavors. We are encouraged to take it all in. We have more time indoors to snuggle with books and steaming mugs of our favorite cool weather drinks. Yet, once November is over, the Christmas crazy rears its ugly head. And if we aren’t ready, if we aren’t solid in decisions, calm in our family life, intent on our boundaries, and grounded in the Spirit, we have a great possibility to have a disparaging holiday season. If we don’t have peace, we lose out on so much JOY! Without peace, we suffer through instead of savoring! I want you to savor life.

In order to do a little more savoring, let’s use the next 30 days to move towards a life of Peace. I want to spend some time sharing tips and tricks and ideas and ways to bring peace into your life. God didn’t intend for you to live harried and exhausted. No one wants to just be alive; we want to live. There’s a difference.

Let’s take the next 30 days, from November 1 to November 30, to do just that. Let’s explore together. Let’s discover peace in our lives and homes.

Take time to subscribe to this blog so that you can have creative ways to bring peace into your life sent right to your inbox. I can’t wait to journey together over the next 30 days.

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