Being Formed

The formation, spiritual and otherwise, of an average friend.

Hi! So glad that you stumbled upon this page. Hopefully you’ll grab a cup of coffee (or tea, I guess) and hang out a while.

Me? I’m just a regular gal, who loves to take time to smell the roses. I love all things relational and hospitality, and love to hear your stories! When I started as AncientRhythms, I intended to share ideas and more about spiritual formation and ancient practices. I have realized that it is both a giant and a tiny piece of our overall formation as created beings. I want us to share so much more about our daily growing and learning.  Let’s practice together the presence of God, and ways that we can abide in Him in prayer and meditation all the while sharing stories of growth, change, kindness, love, compassion, mess-ups, mistakes and more, along the way.

  • Breath Prayer

    Breath Prayer

    Breath prayer. Sounds kind of funny, right? I suppose it’s a type of meditation, which sometimes gets a bad rap in Christian circles. But, I want to propose something to you. We all meditate. Know why I think this? Because all of us ruminate. Ruminate is definitely a term that has gotten some attention over […]

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  • When all is wrong

    When all is wrong

    We breathe in a sharp breath, it catches, it’s so hard to exhale. It’s hard to breathe, to cry, to touch, to hug. Everything hurts and everything stops. The world has stopped moving, for a minute, a second, as we try to reconcile this madness in our minds. We cry out against evil, but it […]

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  • A Prayer for when I Should Hold My Tongue

    A Prayer for when I Should Hold My Tongue

    Oh Father, what is it? What is so attractive about being right? Why is the desire to wound, to prove my point, to fire off selfish remarks so appealing? What is it about “putting someone in their place” that captivates me? Show me, Lord. Show me how important it is to hold my tongue, to […]

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