Slow Down and Make Your Home a Refuge 30 Day Challenge! Day 9

I must be an enigma. I wouldn’t think so, I feel like I’m fairly straightforward. But, sometimes I feel like I am full of contradictions. I’m very “regular.” No frills necessary. Yet, I love beautiful things. I’m pretty basic in my speech, my style, my music preferences. But, I love art and poetry and words. I live in the Midwest, and can sometimes be heard complaining about the cold. (Last night, for example.) But, I love love love the first snowfall! (And the second, and the third. . .) In fact, through the power of technology, I don’t actually write at five in the morning. I’m fast asleep. But, I can prepare and schedule and ready myself for what will appear here so that I can challenge myself before I challenge you! Not today, though, folks. Number 9 had to scoot over so that we could appropriate ourselves for what happened in the Chicagoland area overnight. 😁 Snow!

Now, I have no idea where you’re reading from. My TX and SoCal friends aren’t going to be seeing snow. I get that. But, even the idea of snow helps us to naturally slow down. Think of how busy warmer cultures are because there isn’t that natural slowing down and changing of seasons. So, today we are going to take what nature gave us (me, really) and go with it.

Today’s challenge is to grab a hot drink and a good read and take at least a 15 minute time out. Funny, I get that you’re reading this, but I know that a lot of my friends are not “readers.” That’s ok. Try anyway. Pick something up that your friends have been recommending. Grab your Bible. If you’re desperate, a magazine will do in a pinch. Go to the library!

Here’s what I know. It’s Friday. If you have a lunch break or an evening in or an afternoon off or some slow moment in your day, you can pull this off. No excuses. Grab a coffee or tea or hot chocolate and read. Do it for you. It will bring a much needed slow moment to your life. Bonus if you have a fire place. (Or if your favorite coffee house does.)

Tell me: what are you going to read?

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