5 Reasons Why I Love my Tribe

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I’m going to take a break from talking about the more discipline oriented stuff and tell you about something, or maybe someones, who affect me in a deeply personal way. My Tribe.

What is a Tribe, you say? Webster says that it’s “a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.” Leader, schmeader. In my tribe, we’re all equals. We all NEED each other. Since that definition was a smidge off, I went to the mecca of all things truthful and real, The Urban Dictionary. Please, don’t actually go there for information. I’ll take care of you. But, this is what it said. “A group of friends that would do anything for each other, at just about any time. Friends that have been together for a decade or a day, but are loyal, loving, honest, and fun-loving. The Tribe consists of people that you expect to grow old together with, and by sharing amazing experiences, these are people on whom you will collect all the best dirt on throughout your life.” Now that? That is pretty much right on. So, let me tell you why I Love My Tribe.


  1. They offer me emotional support.

Do you have people who listen? Who offer their support without downplaying your struggle? My tribe is awesome at this. Sometimes I have a real issue, like with a relationship, or a family struggle, or some other painful thing that I’m going through. And sometimes I think I’m old and unaccomplished and have wrinkles and my kids are disrespectful and I go into an awful spiral of things that are untrue. In any case, my tribe listens to me and then decides to tell me the TRUTH and challenge me to make the best decisions I can with what I’ve got. Emotional support is so important in this crazy world where it is easier to believe that you are falling short than that you are doing well.


2. They love my children.

You may or may not have kids. You may be single or married. We all come from different places, and I’m bragging on my tribe here. (actually, you may be one of the single people who loves my children 🙂 ) I literally have tears in my eyes as I write this because I have a tribe that is fiercely loyal and loving towards my children. (shout out to my small group) They have seen the best and worst of my kids and love them so dearly that I am sometimes overwhelmed at the fact the I have “a village.” I have people that would take the littles home with them in a pinch and spy on the bigs when we’re out of town. (and, oh, do they know when they’re being spyed on!) I have a tribe that isn’t afraid to ask my teens hard questions and encourage them all to always do the right thing.


3. They always cheer me on.

Have you ever had friends who are smart and accomplished and you feel kind of little next to them? For me, the first part is true. I have friends that are amazing. They are leaders and teachers and business people and movers and shakers of every type. But, they would never let me feel little around them. They celebrate my accomplishments with me! They cheer me on in everything that I do. I am surrounded by people who don’t let me say that “I’m just a mom.” or “I have this hobby.” They cheer me on, telling me what kind of a mom I am or telling their friends that they have a friend who is a small business owner. This is one of my favorite parts of being a part of a Tribe! No matter your differences, where you come from, who you are, it is understood that we are here to cheer each other on.


4. They motivate and inspire me

There is nothing worse than a friend who doesn’t motivate you to be better. No one really wants friends that enable them to stay stuck. That doesn’t help us at all. If I don’t want to change my bad habits or behavior, I will most definitely ask the person in my life who shares those bad habits for advice. Right? Instead, I have friends who will ask me hard questions and inspire me to change the things in my life that just aren’t working. My tribe is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.


5. They encourage me to be more like Jesus!

This is the best reason why I love my tribe. I preach a lot of heavy things. I consider the Gospel to be the reason why I do pretty much anything. I believe in a loving, giving, gracious God. But, guess what? I most certainly better practice what I preach. If my heart doesn’t break for the things that break God’s heart, then I better re-think whether or not I am who I say that I am. And, this is where my tribe comes in. They are the ones who remind me that the world is watching. They remind me that if I say I’m a Christian, I better be one out in the world, in my home, in their home, in public, wherever. I love that I have friends who aren’t scared to call me out on things and put me in my place.


So, for those of you who have asked. . . To me, that’s what being a part of a Tribe is all about!



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