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Heidi Rotert

Lover of fun, pastor’s wife, former missionary, writer, speaker, hijinks finder.


I happened to graduate from Bible College married, with a baby, and another one on the way. Typical, right? I guess. But, I learned so much in that time. I learned what it’s like to be young and afraid. I learned what it takes to put everything into having a healthy marriage and raising great kids. I learned how to feed a family on $25 a week. We had rough years and great years both, a tension that must be held during this life.
Our next phase in life was overseas. It was in Europe that I learned what it’s like to be an outsider, an immigrant. I learned how much I didn’t know. I learned how to learn a language. I learned how patient people are, and how much good there is in the world. (I think I knew that all along, but I forget sometimes.) I made friends for a lifetime.
Now, I guess we’re in a different phase of life. We’re in the midwest, enjoying the four seasons and all that. I’ve matured a smidge. I’ve learned a little more. Our kids are starting to head out on their own, and we’re inching towards that empty nest life.

In everything, I guess that I could say that I’m still a learner. My husband often tells me that my value isn’t in my education or even job experience, but in those hard fought victories. The best lessons in life are often the hardest. It is the life experience that will propel us into the next steps for our journey.

Let’s journey together, shall we? Learn from each other. Measure our growth amidst the wins and losses in life. Walk alongside me as I am Being Formed.

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