A Prayer for a Group

Father God,

We come to you this day, heads and hearts. Hands and feet. Some tired, some weary, and some knowing the difference and sharing them both.

Some of us are carrying heavy loads, loads we have not yet shared, loads we think we can carry alone, but our hearts know that we can’t.

We close our eyes, but the thumping in our temples doesn’t help to block out the noise, it only creates more. It only distracts.

So let us not be distracted now. Let us open our hearts and our hands. Let us open our minds and clear our thoughts of all but you. Be with us as we are with each other. Guide us together. Guide our minds, that we can listen. Guide our ears, that we can hear. Guide our hands and our hearts to help one another. Be in our spirits and minds and bodies. Fill us with that grace upon grace upon grace. Show us your mercy.

Find us faithful this day. This moment. As we share and we laugh and we cry. As we edify and admonish, let our words come from you. As we plan and dream and schedule; as we eat and drink and are satisfied, be with us. Be in us. Guide us. Light the path as only you can.

And later, when all is said and done, and we leave this gathering, guide us home until we meet again.

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