A Prayer for when I Should Hold My Tongue

Oh Father, what is it? What is so attractive about being right? Why is the desire to wound, to prove my point, to fire off selfish remarks so appealing? What is it about “putting someone in their place” that captivates me?

Show me, Lord. Show me how important it is to hold my tongue, to measure my words, to pour out grace upon grace and kindness upon kindness. May no one ever hate you because of me. May no one ever doubt your love because mine is lacking.

Let me open my hands and stretch out my arms and take in all that you have to give. May I soak up your lovingkindness as you pour it over me. May I feel so flooded with your love and follow you so closely that I can’t help but to manifest those things in my interactions with others.

May holding my tongue and measuring my words be something I take ever so seriously in this time of constant turmoil. In this ever-polarizing world, may you allow me to be a beacon of hope, a city on a hill, salt, and light.

So this is my plea. Give me the grace.

The mercy.

The love.

The kindness.

Let me spill them out to all I meet, and never forsake the chance to do good instead of evil.

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