All Things

Lord, let me begin with open hands,

and an open heart,

a posture I have come to love.

There is honesty in my hands, and humility in my heart,

for I cannot move or turn away.

Here I sit,

and dream,

and think.

It is here that I listen,

and hear,

and learn.

Let me not turn back;

or give up;

or move on.

Father, here I sit.



Weak and worn.

I have no fight left,

and yet I have hope that you’re fighting for me.

So here I ask, with these open hands of mine,

for you to fill me and restore me.

Bring me peace.

Light my path.

Make it so clear to me that you are here.



And as I see and feel and know your presence,

I silently and humbly rejoice.

You bring a smile to my lips and great warmth to my heart.

My weak feet try to dance as my open hands begin to clap.

I am filled.

And whole.

And delight in your presence.

Your peace has brought me great joy.

Great joy has brought me back to life.

This life is in you.

And you are in all things.

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