Day 24 – Play

Happy Wednesday to you all! And, as we head toward the end of the month, I truly do hope you have a HAPPY Wednesday. I hope that as you have found ways to slow down and cherish your time and love your home and are living peacefully that you are actually happier. I am for leading these shenanigans. I’ve truly been having a good time. My favorite part is hearing from you. I love hearing what scriptures you’re meditating on. I love hearing about your candles and music choices and ways you like to start the day. It’s been so fun, and it’s not yet over. We still have a few more days to cherish.

Today’s challenge is to PLAY! I want you to take at least 15 minutes and do something FUN! Anything that you love. Read. Go outside. Give your kids 15 minutes to jump in the leaves! (If leaves fall where you are!) Play a game with your family. Go for a walk. Spend at least 15 minutes playing. Tell us what you decide to do, and have fun!

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