Day 17 – Do not multitask.

We are busy. I get that. And, this month we’re working on slowing down and filling our lives and homes with peace. I’m so glad. I need it as much as you. Maybe more.

Today is Wednesday. We are smack dab in the middle of the week, and some of us feel the pressure of getting everything done before Friday catches up with us. So, we are going to work on slowing down by single tasking today. That’s right. Today’s challenge is: Do not multitask today. I know it seems like a strange challenge, but we are constantly doing more than one thing at a time. You’ve probably checked your email or looked at a Facebook notification just since you started reading this. Because we do so much at once we have a hard time focusing on what we are doing, and we often suffer because of it.

So, today you’re not allowed to multitask. If you catch yourself doing more than one thing at a time, just stop. Take a second. Refocus.

Truthfully, I’ve noticed that when I single task I am actually more productive and have completed more tasks by the end of the day than if I were multitasking. Let’s see if you have peace and productivity today.

Give it a try. Slow down today by doing one thing at a time!

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