Day 13 – Continue to start your morning well.

I love mornings. And remember, yesterday we started working on our mornings. I’m hoping that by Monday we’ll be able to get a few things going to get our mornings started off right.

So yesterday I told you to light a candle. I found one in my closet called Christmas Warmth. Perfect. Watching it flicker and glow in the faint light of the morning is like a warm hug. And we all need a warm hug in the mornings, right?

Today let’s add something else. Another morning pick me up. When you get up in the morning, light your candle and then turn on some music. Have your friend Alexa or Siri or whoever help you out. Worship music is great for getting you in a good mindset. Right now my favorite recommendation is Maverick City Music. They would be a great way to start your day!

So, wake up, light a candle, turn on the tunes (maybe Christmas music?) and begin your day in peace and calm.

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