Day 12 – Light a Candle

Do you have any rituals? Maybe a better word to use here is habits. Do you stumble out of bed at the same time every morning, the same way, and reach for the same coffee cup? Or maybe you’re a little grumpy in the morning and make the same scowl at your family while pleading with them not to talk until you’ve had your coffee.

I’m not sure what your rituals and habits are, but have you ever thought about how they make you feel? Do you have good morning habits that bring peace and calm to your day? Do they help you to get your day started off right? Maybe you pray or meditate on scripture. Maybe you have a cup of tea. I don’t know what you do, but today’s challenge is to begin your mornings well.

For the rest of the month, start your morning by lighting a candle. Pick a scent that is calming, or that invokes warmth and good memories. Let the glow of the flickering flame bring you calm and peace. Spend just a minute in taking in the warmth, the glow, the calm. Practice this each morning and see if it brings just a bit of peace to your morning routine.

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