Day 5 – Savor

Yesterday our challenge was to share our table with someone. I hope that you did this, and I pray that you also benefited from it, as well. There are so many ways to truly slow down and savor our lives, and time around the table is a really big one. In fact, today I want to remain around this theme.

Friends, I know that realistically you may not be eating around the table every night. If you are single, you might eat out a lot. If you have kids, there are sports and activities that keep you away. If you work late, it’s hard. If you prefer the TV, it’s hard. I understand.

Here is your challenge for today. Whether you are at the table, in a fast food joint, with your small group, or stuck in the office, I want you to savor your food today. Don’t let mealtime become like everything else. Don’t let it be 5 or 10 minutes that you need to check something off the list and move on. This is one way that we as a culture have become quite unhealthy. Instead, savor. If you are the cook in your home today, take time with the ingredients. Slowly dice, chop, blend, and stir. Think about how everything goes together to make your meal. Be purposeful in your cooking and eating. Be mindful as to how you chew. Take your time. Smile between bites. Enjoy the flavors of your food. Appreciate the hands that prepared it for you. I think that in completing this challenge, you will feel better. Healthier. More sane. Less hurried. It may seem strange, but I promise you that each challenge is a small step toward slowing down, taking your time in life, and truly enjoying every moment. And this, my friend, will bring peace.

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