Day 2 – Get Outside!

Yesterday began our 30 Day Challenge. Every day during the month of November we are going to explore a way to help us slow down and bring peace to our lives and home. In doing so, my prayer for you is that you are able to clear the distractions and grow in your relationship with the Lord.

Yesterday I hit the bike path for a little walk. Here in northern Illinois the leaves are changing and there is much beauty in nature. Oh, and it’s kind of cold. Like, I should have worn gloves cold. But, let’s be real. How many of us really take the time to be outside? The last couple of weeks, I’ve had to make a conscious effort. It’s something that many of us rarely take the time to do. We are just too busy.

Today I want you to commit  to spending at least 15 minutes outside. I honestly don’t care what the temperature is outside or what the weather is like where you are. Be creative. Bundle yourself in a million blankets and take a book outside. Throw on a hat and bring a candle outdoors with you. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Savor. Really, I’m telling you. Savor those moments in nature. Breathe the crisp air. What does it smell like? Feel the wind blow. Watch the leaves as they swirl around. God made all of this. He made it all for you. To enjoy. To savor. To watch and listen and discover. Spend your 15 minutes in silence or with someone important. Spend your time thinking through your day, or clearing your mind of everything. No matter. Just savor. You will be thankful for a few minutes of stillness and fresh air.

If you would like, I would love to hear of your time outside! We can share our ideas with each other and learn from each other during this whole experience. Comment below about your time well spent.

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