Reflect Love

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. No, I didn’t watch a scary movie. I wasn’t worried about my friends or family. I didn’t feel ill. I made a mistake. I let myself get led down a rabbit hole of hostility and I couldn’t let it go.

You see, yesterday I happened to watch our governor’s Covid talk. After he speaks, the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health always gives an update. She’s a Dr. She’s a Harvard grad. A pediatrician. A chemist. She worked in the Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago. She’s a proponent of breastfeeding. She has 4 kids, just like me. I bet before all of this, and even now, she was a behind the scenes kind of person. She didn’t ask for any of this, yet here she is, giving press conferences. And yesterday, she broke. In front of everyone. It wasn’t staged, it wasn’t dramatic, it was real. And it was hard to watch.

I know people have protested in front of her home. Teen athletes who want their sports. And they have a right to do so. I know she has teenagers herself. I can only imagine how hard it is to be her right now. I trust that all she wants to do is the right thing. But, her world is crashing in. And she never asked for it.

We are all so tired. So very tired. As I write this, I am actually 8 days into a 14 day isolation period. (I was exposed.) I know tired. I know isolation. I haven’t been in a car for 8 days. I have a small business that has struggled immensely. I don’t enjoy masks. I am completely and totally “Zoomed Out.” I want to break the rules. I want to go to work, or shop. (Or have Dunkin) I want to hug my mom today. I didn’t ask for any of this.

Once, before Easter, the Dr was quoted saying this, “I’m a woman of faith. I miss being at church, Bible study, prayer groups, laying-on of hands. This is not the time. We don’t want to hurt the people we’re intending to commune with.” If she can do it, if she can lead by example, I thought, I will trust her words.

Which leads me to the rabbit hole. People were so cruel. So mean. Our local news channel posted a clip of the video on Facebook, and it seemed like the whole world went in for the attack. She’s not a politician, yet it became political. She was accused of fear mongering, of faking, of being dramatic. It was commented that her performance was worthy of an Oscar.

I just kept thinking, this is a person. A human being created in the image of God. A God that she outspokenly claims as her own. How cruel can you be to laugh in the face of someone who shows care and concern amidst a trying time? If you are a believer, does mocking someone openly communicate the love of Christ?

In this world of shut downs and sadness, of masks and depression and grieving what we’ve lost, I want to be the better person. In a world where dirty politics are rearing their ugly head, I want to take the high road. In a time in history where character matters, where shining the light of Christ is of the utmost importance, I want to be bright. I want what I say to reflect what’s in my heart. (Luke 6:45)

So you, wherever you are, I hope you can commit to the same. You might not live in my state, or even care who the Public Health Director is, that’s not important. What’s important is recognizing the value, the worth of every person created in the image of a loving God. If each life is important to Him, make it important to you. Be a reflection of His love. Mirror His goodness. Don’t tear others down, especially when they’re at their worst. But instead, help them back up. Help them dust off. And, remind them of their worth.

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