A Liturgy for When my World is Out of Control


How? How did we get here, Father? What happened? Where are we? What have we done?

Father, I feel so lost. So isolated. So utterly and completely out of control. Yet, I don’t understand why. Or how. Or what brought me to this place.

My world is spinning, and yet I’m not sure what my next step is. So, help me. Help me, Father. Help me to dig myself out of the despair. The anxiety. The fear.

Let me realize, once again, that you are in charge. Let me turn to you, lean on you, trust in you.

I do trust in you, Lord. You are my shelter. You always have been. Yet sometimes, in the darkness of these days, I don’t see it. We’ve become a people living in darkness. We’ve become a people accustomed to anger and bitterness and pride. There is us and them. There is no longer nuance.

Help me to love others, to listen, to have empathy for those I know not. Open my world wide and allow me to let others in. To hear. To listen. To respond justly and with kindness.

Lead us to a better place, a better time. Encourage your people to do right, to love, to shine your light brightly in this dark and shattered world.

Let me not feel out of control, but bring everything back to the One who is in control. Let me not concentrate on my weakness, but on Your strength. Let me not work within my will today, but Yours.

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