A Liturgy of Remorse and Lament

Oh God,

God, we cry out.

We cry.

We cry to You because we can, because we need You, because You are Healer.

Teach us, oh Lord, to do more than cry out. Teach us to do more than talk, more than pray. Give us action.

Father, we repent. We repent, God, of the things we have said. Of the things we have done. Of the things we have not said, we repent also. God, for times we have not spoken up, for times we have not listened, we repent.

We come to you with broken and shame filled hearts. We come to you knowing that our silence, our fear, and our privilege has harmed others. We are one people, created in your image. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hug, we bond, we tell stories, we have souls. Every single one of us. And our souls, our very beings, who we are deep within, has hurt others. For this we are truly sorry.

May it not be trite, Father. We do not look for empty words. We do not pray to hear ourselves speak. Rather give our words meaning. Let them fill our hearts. Have us to act upon them. From this day forward, we choose to lament, to repent, and to turn the course of our actions in a new direction. We gladly choose to use our voice and our privilege to influence others, to help others, to speak for those who are not heard over the crippling noise of this world.

Forgive us. Use us. Teach us.

Flood our path with opportunity to do the right thing. Grant us new friendships, new hope, and a second chance to make things right among your children.

And may You, the God of Peace, fill us with the Spirit of Peace this very day.

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