A Liturgy for Sabbath


I’m not great, Heavenly Father, at this idea that you call Sabbath.

Our world, it moves so fast.

We move so fast.

I move so fast.

You ask me to slow, to stop, to think, to be.

I’m trying. I am. I want to Sabbath. I want to Sabbath well.

Help me, Father, to listen.

Help me to stop.

Take away all distractions. My phone, my computer, my schedule, my worry and hurry, let them all belong to you today.

Take each piece, each simple component of my day, and make it yours. Make my day your day. Give me rest, true rest today.

Let the others in my household know peace today, as well. Let them relish in the stillness. Let them know you more today. Watch us and guide us as we do our best to put you first in all things. As we listen and obey your command for rest.

Let your way become my way today. Let you and I become one. Let your thoughts become my thoughts and your rest become my rest. May the stillness not be difficult, but delightful. May I spend my day of Sabbath enclosed in the Peace that passes all understanding knowing that your way is best.

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