A Liturgy for Doing the Dishes

Our Good and Gracious God

Enthroned above.

May I first say thanks. May I first express my gratitude to you for every ordinary moment in life. As I do this, as I thank you, with each moment I find mundane, help me to see it anew as extraordinary.

How extraordinary it is, in fact, to wash these dishes. How beautiful to view the plate that you have given me as it reminds me of the food that you have blessed me with. How telling to see the cup that has quenched my thirst and know that the giver of this earthly water is in fact Himself called Living Water.

As I stand here in this place made sacred help me to recognize every good and perfect gift that has come from you. Help me to acknowledge your presence in each moment, in each chore, in each chance I have to serve others.

Lord God, as I wash and scrub and clean and wipe help me to reflect. Help me to look back on this day. Where have I been a blessing? Where have I been used for your Kingdom? Where have I helped others along the way?

Also, Lord, where have I done harm to others? Where have I hurt others? Where have I wronged You or your people today? What can I learn from today’s activities? What do you have to teach me in this moment?

Allow this time for reflection. For quiet. For peace. For rhythm.

Give me silence for this time. This moment. Let me hear, really hear, your precious voice. Cut through my wandering mind. Bring me around to what you have to say. Fill me with your voice, your love, your mercy, your grace.

Teach me. Fill me. Use me.

Once again I thank you. Whatever else is there to do in this moment but be grateful? May this blessing be poured out from me into all others I encounter.

Thank you for the water, the dishes, the soap, the bubbles, the clean, fresh scent. Thank you for the towel, now damp and lying on the counter ready to be hung and used again for this glorious purpose.

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