A Prayer for Beginning Something New

Fairest Lord Jesus.

Here I am. Here I stand. Help me to be ready.

Thank you for the excitement of new beginnings. Thank you for the blessing of starting afresh. Thank you for your Spirit.

Where I am anxious, give me peace. Where I am scared, grant me confidence. Where I am headstrong, give me humility. Help me to constantly be a vessel for you. Let me be your hands and feet in all that I do today.

As I take the next step, let me do so with confidence. Let my feet forge a new path. Let my eyes see new things. Let my heart feel new experiences. Let my lips speak new words.

And the rewards? The rewards for beginning again? Oh, how I look forward to what lies ahead. How I long to see how you have moved, how you are moving even now, and how you will move in the future. Let me not grow weary, but look with expectant hope to what lies ahead.

Fairest Lord Jesus, thank you.

May I always be filled with gratitude for new beginnings.



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