Slow Down and Make Your Home a Refuge 30 Day Challenge! Day 29

Two more days! Today and tomorrow and then we will have spent 30 days making an effort to slow down a bit. 30 days trying to make our home a better place. 30 days being mindful of our lifestyle. 30 days getting ourselves into some great habits before the busy holiday season begins.

I need to confess. I do. I need to tell you something, especially if you’ve had a hard time with some of the challenges.

I stink at being still.

I stink at slowing down.

I hate doing what others tell me to do.

I’m kind of hypocritical.

Does my family have margin? Yes. Am I decent at Sabbath? Yeah, mostly. But, ugh. When I have to be still, I have such a hard time.

Yesterday I had Drs orders to be still. Really. I never left the house. Didn’t even go outside. I didn’t even shower until 2:00. But, friends, it was hard. I noticed every little thing on the floor, every little thing that was out of place, and every little thing that I could be doing instead of sitting. But, I couldn’t really move. And so, I watched TV. I read. I listened. It was nice. It was fruitful, I guess. But, hard. So hard.

Which brings me to this. What’s hard for you? What do you want to do, but it’s just hard? What intrigues you, but you aren’t sure how to accomplish it? What do you like, but don’t know how to make it real?

Today’s challenge is to think about something that you want to do but you feel like it’s a losing battle. Decide on one thing that’s important to you, one thing that you need to accomplish, but it’s just so hard – and then do it.

That’s it. For me, it’s listening. It’s clearing my mind of everything and just listening for God’s voice. I love prayer and spending time with the Lord, and it helps me slow down and focus. But, listening. It’s. So. Hard. So, that’s what I’m doing today. Listening. Being quiet and listening.

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