Slow Down and Make Your Home a Refuge 30 Day Challenge! Day 15

Half way. We are already half way through the month of November. This is hard for me to believe. Before the month began, I looked ahead to the holidays and what that brings and decided that even though I don’t feel incredibly busy, even though things are pretty ok around here, even though we have a bit of margin, I want to practice slowing down even more. I also want to make sure that when it’s crazy out in the world, that my home is the place that I turn to. That my whole family turns to. I wanted to make sure that others are welcome to find shelter in my home, as well.

And, while all of these things are incredibly important to me, I see a Biblical need for rest, as well. I see how God built it into creation. I see the seasons change and the winter come and the Earth grow still and realize that even He is calling us to slow down. The Bible speaks much of hospitality, as well. From beginning to end, it teaches us this mindset. It reminds us to welcome in the stranger and the believer alike. I feel it is a spiritual gift for some, but a calling for everyone.

And so we need help. I don’t have all of the answers. No one does. Trust me, I’m going through each of these days alongside of you with renewed hope and excitement. And your feedback is incredible. And needed. And appreciated. I want to learn how to do this better, too!

This week we’ve been working on our mornings. I think that the morning sets the tone for the whole day, whether we like it or not. So, I’ve encouraged you to play some music, light a candle, take some time for quiet, meditate and the like. How are we doing? Is it too much all at once, or is it re-vamping things that you already try to do? Is it incredibly new and foreign, or just giving fresh eyes to some of the things that you already think are important?

Today’s challenge will be reflection. An easier one, friends. We’ve already added so much this week. You have begun to set a tone of peace in your home. You’ve spent half a month slowing things down and making your home a desirable place. Now, reflect on it. Is it working? Do you feel quieted in your spirit? Do you want to welcome in your family and show them that they are loved? Do you want to give others a place of refuge and love for a few hours? How does your family feel about it? Ask them. Talk it over with them. See how you can take your changes and become more outwardly focused. If you live alone, ask yourself “Would I panic if someone dropped by?” “Do I want to be here?” “Am I happy here?” “Comfortable?”

That’s it! Today’s challenge is to reflect on all you’ve accomplished so far and see how it’s working for you. See what you’ve done, and decide how you want to move forward. Ask others if they’ve noticed, and seek the advice of your family. Tell me, what’s the biggest or best thing you’ve done so far this month?

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