Slow Down and Make Your Home a Refuge 30 Day Challenge! Day 4

Hey, friends! I loved yesterday’s challenge. I really hope that you did, too! Honestly, I got two closets cleaned out. The entryway is done, so hopefully now I’m ready for all those winter coats. And the hallway closet got cleaned out, too. That means that I can actually put linens and such in their proper places. Good job, Roterts. These things don’t bother my family much, but they often make me uncomfortable in my own home. Now I can relax a little.

Which brings me to today’s challenge. It’s Sunday. This is the day that is traditionally looked upon as the Sabbath. The day of rest. I realize that it’s not the day of rest for everyone, though. My husband, for example, will preach twice this morning. His day of rest will be tomorrow. But because today is a day generally set aside for rest and margin, today’s challenge is painfully simple yet very meaningful.

What do we do today to slow down? To make our home a refuge? Light a candle. Yes, that’s it. Today I want you to purposefully light a candle. You can choose a comforting scent, a clean scent, or even a fall/holiday scent. I have chosen Spiced Pumpkin. It brings to me both warmth and comfort. It conjures up memories of little ones in Halloween costumes and friends near and far coming over for Thanksgiving. It smells of Christmas’ in Hungary and Germany where mulled wine is sold on street corners and in cafes. To me, it is peaceful.

Find something that is calming to you. It may be clean cotton or fresh cut grass. Whatever makes you happy. You may already have one, or you may have to go out and purchase one. (or just stop by my house, I have plenty 🙂 ) Here’s what I want you to do. Light it somewhere where you pass by often. Or somewhere where you sit for a time. Let it bring you warmth. Also, when you see the light, let it remind you to count your blessings. Let it remind you to pray. Simple.

Here’s what I will do. I already have my candle. I will put it on my kitchen table. I have to pass by it to get to the kitchen, yet it’s feet away from where I will sit this morning to read the Bible in my living room. I will leave the dining room light off just so I can see the flicker. I will probably be aware of it for a while after it’s lit. Then, as the morning goes on, I will begin to be less aware. But, as I pass it, I will remember again. I will then say a little prayer as I pass by or maybe just take a deep breath. I will let the scent and the flicker of the flame bring a little peace amidst the chaos. And, I will probably choose to light it each remaining day of our 30 day challenge.

Go ahead. Light your candle. Take a deep breath. Enjoy your Sabbath.

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