Stop the Crazy!

Raise your hand if you love activities! Oh, yeah. You love it, right? Like, maybe you’re a mom and you get to go to dance class and music lessons and soccer games and birthday parties. Ooh. Ooh. Or maybe you don’t have kids yet and so every last person in your life thinks that you need to volunteer for all the things. Because that’s what we love, right? All. The. Things.

I actually believe that we don’t love all the things. That all the things are even borderline dangerous for us. And our families. And our relationships. I actually believe that we want to slow down. We want to stop filling our calendars and arranging and re-arranging our time to squeeze in one.more.thing. Who really wants one more thing?

Don’t you dream of a life with margin? A life with breathing space? A life where our top priorities remain our top priorities and don’t get pushed out?

I just love to start and end my day with prayer and meditation. When I do, I feel so grounded. So rooted. So able. I feel like I have a place from which to draw, to give, to flow out and pour into others. I feel that when I am whole, I can help those in my life put all of the pieces together. Now, that’s what we need, friends. We need to relax, pick up the pieces, breathe, and put it all together.pexels-photo-316801.jpeg

So, that’s what this is. I want to share some great things with you. This is a place to learn, and grow, and share. A place where I can share some ancient prayers and practices to help you slow down and BE.

That’s our goal here at Ancient Rhythm. To bring to our days a life renewed by prayer and practice. To practice the presence of God. To slow down. To Be Still. And just Be.

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